Lutz Eichholz unicycles down 5671m Mount Damavand in Iran The well-known Mountain Unicyclicst accomplishes his hardest world record After three years of planning and over 10 years of extreme unicycling Lutz Eichholz succeeds in the unicycle descent of the 5671m high Damavand in iran. Despite enormous problems with the high attitude, injuries in the team Read more about Damavand[…]


When visiting my old hometown the ruhrgebiet I took the chance to practice in my favourite trainings sport the „Landschaftspark Duisburg“. During my practice my father took some pictures off me. I hope you like them. By the way you can still vote for me as the „sportsman off the year“ in Kaiserslautern: rheinpfalz.de/rhp/content/sportlerwahl_kai2013/ All Read more about Duisburg[…]


2013 was an unbelivable unicycle year for me. 13 TV Performances in 6 different countrys helped me to show my sport to a wide audience and to achieve new tv and guinnessrecords. Highlights where my Slackline Record in guinness china and two appereances in the „zdf fernsehgarten“. Along this I also was featured in many magazines. Read more about Review2013[…]