ZDF Fernsehgarten / Nippon TV

The TV Saison has started for me and I really like it to show my favourite sport to a wide audience. Last week I had a real spontanious performance for Nippon TV in Füssen Germany. Directly afterwards I went to europes biggest outdoor Live Show the ZDF „Fernsehgarten“ where I tried to show that it is possible to do a hurdle race with a unicycle.

My goal was it to jump 10 hurdles in 2 minutes. In the rehersal it worked but I nearly didnt managed it to stay in time. In the actual show it worked better with the energy off the crowd  behind me. But even I had some extra seconds after jumping the last hurdle I was never 100% sure if I make it because it jumped over each hurdle with only some cm between my tire and the top off the hurdle.

Thanks to B-Xpressed and the Hochschulsport  TU Kaiserslautern for helping to making the show possible!


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