Descent from a three thousand-metre peak on a unicycle

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Lutz Eichholz from Kaiserslautern, Germany ranks among the best unicyclists in the world. The four time world champion and world record holder always pushes the limits on his single-track vehicle with one wheel. He has been featured in TV shows around the globe. Lutz likes to practice his sport in alpine terrain, always looking for new obstacles and challenges. Now the 26-year old environmental engineering student conquered the Cima Ombretta Orientale, a three thousand-metre peak in the Dolomite Mountains. He was accompanied by fellow unicyclist Stephanie Dietze since “one should never alone in high alpine terrain.” Here are some impressions of the climb and the breathtaking downhill on a unicycle.
Photos: Markus Greber


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  1. Aeneas says:

    I need to know the song ;o please tell me, it’s sick

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