25. December 2011

About me

Born: 20.08.1986 in Duisburg
City: Kaiserslautern/Ruhrgebiet
Occupation: Unicyclist, Dipl. Ing. in Urban Planing
Competition Highlights: 4 Times Worldchampion, 4 Times runner up Worldchampionship (Agegroup), Secondplace Finals Worldchampionships, Guinness Worldrecord (“Bottle Rail”), highest unicycle jump, Crossing the Zugspitze, crossing the Alps, 3011m descent dolomites, Worldrecord Slackline        Hobbys: Mountainbiking, Slacklining, Climbing, Reading, exploring the world

About Lutz: Having started unicycling in 1996, Lutz initially focused on Freestyle and Racing. Since 2003, Lutz’ focus is on Extreme Unicycling, especially the subdisciplines Trial and Downhill. Nowadays, he travels the world in order to conquer ever new obstacles. Lutz was four times world champion in his category and vice world champion in all categories and he has gained lots of titles and established several records in national and international competitions. Furthermore, Lutz gives a lot of performances and workshops and appears in TV shows from China to Israel. If you are interested in Lutz’ shows and workshops, please contact him.

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