12. June 2013


Some international media appereance I made in the past. For a full list off my press articles go to the german page.



  • Pinkbike – Unicycling in the Wadi Rum 2019
  • Mirror -Daredevil rides down mountain on UNICYCLE to claim world record 2015
  • PinkBike – Unicycling on Mount Damavand Iran 2015
  • RadioTimes – Extreme unicyclists conquer 3400 metre peak… 2013
  • Bike Freak – Eenwielers in de alpen Cover 2013
  • Daily Mail -When two wheels are just to much 2013
  • NY Daily News – Fearless unicyclist conquer mountain 2013
  • Buzz Feed – How One Unicyclist Takes His Talents To New Heights 2013
  • Chop MTB – Extreme Mountain Unicycling… 2012
  • Yahoo  – Extreme Mountain Unicycling? Its for real! 2013
  • Daily Star – The uni-que riders 2013
  • Techeblog – Video shows why extreme mountain unicycling is one of the most dangerous sports ever 2013

One thought on “Press

  • Hi Lutz,
    I am a trainee journalist at the University of Lincoln in the UK.
    I am currently working to produce a magazine on unique sports and inspirational sporting stories and it would be great to speak to you about your story and your unicycling.

    Would it be possible to do an interview over email please because it would provide great content for the magazine?

    I appreciate your time!

    Kind regards,
    Jamie White

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