Mountain Unicycling in the Wadi Rum Desert Jordan

Lutz Eichholz from Kaiserslautern, Germany, ranks among the best unicyclists in the world. The four-time world champion and world record holder is known for pushing the limits on his single-track vehicle with one wheel. Lutz likes to practice his sport in alpine terrain, always looking for new obstacles and challenges.

Now the 32-year old professional unicyclist travelled through the stunning Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan. The goal was to find the hardest lines possible and ride them successfully without losing balance. From big technical jumps to small natural bridges rising high from the desert, he managed to overcome some of the hardest obstacles ever ridden by unicycle.

“The unforgiving Wadi Rum desert is the proving ground for the hardest mountain unicycling Lutz Eichholz ever did. Its unique landscape has the ability to push Lutz beyond his comfort zone; making or breaking dreams. After a highly successful sport career Lutz decides to take on the harsh desert to create moments that will not soon be forgotten.”

Here you can find the beautiful images out of the middle east:


Pictures: DropBox

Story behind the Journey: Jordan



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